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Construction Managers


  • Hubbell Premise Wiring

  • Installer (Suttle)

  • Technician (BICSI)


HV Cable Preparation (Raychem)

  • HVS & HVT thru 35kv 1/C (Incl. PILC)

  • 15kV-Wye Splices

  • HVT/HVS 5-8kV, 15kV


Electronics High Voltage Cable Preparation (Tyco)

  • 5-35kV Heat-shrink Termination

  • 5-15kV Heat-shrink Splice

  • 5-35kV Cold-applied Termination

Equipment Certification (Cranes, forklift, etc.)

  • Certified Crane Operator

  • Certificate of Brake Qualification

  • Certificate Forklift Training (Carson Crane, Inc.)

  • Certificate Forklift Training (Electrico, Inc.)


Medium Voltage Cable

  • Heatshrink Terminating & Splicing

  • Medium Voltage Cable Preparation (Tyco)

  • 5-35kV Cold Applied Termination

  • 5-35kV heat-Shrink Splice (HVS)


Confined Space Training (Brock Tool)


Aerial Work Platform Safety


Clean Room Protocol


First Aid Training

  • National Health & Safety Foundation

Power Tool Certifications

  • Ramset Powder Actuated Tool Systems

Miscellaneous OSHA Training

  • Belden CDT, Inc. Certified System Vendor (CSV)

  • Lock out Training

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